Another day at the vets (a rant or two)….

So today we drove down to Tacoma this morning to go to the oncologist.  It was time for Rio’s bi-weekly CBC and we’d also planned a recheck ultrasound.  Sounds like a quick and mostly painless appointment, right?!  Rio and I arrived there at a few minutes after 9 this morning, and didn’t leave until nearly 4:15!  Seriously!!!! Continue reading

Feeling much better!

Well, the rain is gone and we might even get some sun today.  And happiness of all happinesses, Rio is feeling much better!  The antibiotics have kicked in, the appetite is better, and mom is breathing another sigh of relief!!!!

And perfect timing, too, a special package arrived last night!  What could it be??  Nope, not that silly purple dinosaurus, Barney.

I look good in red!!! Thanks Granny Kay!

Its our special birthday present!  Thank you sooooooo much, Granny Kay!!!!  Your timing couldn’t have been any better!

Check it out!!!!

This is sooooo comfy!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new blankie!

Update on treatment

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride the last couple of weeks with Rio’s treatments.  Last week, she had a couple of days where her appetite and energy completely disappeared, to the point where her oncologist asked us to drive down for an unscheduled visit because she was worried about her.  There was even talk about admitting her.  But then she turned a corner and started perking back up.  Her appetite returned with a vengeance and she played outside in the sunshine over the weekend.  Crisis averted! Continue reading

Hippo birdy to Woo!

Someday, this week, my Rio was born!  Happy, happy day, whichever one it was!!!  I met Rio on Father’s Day 2000, and “they” said she was about 8 weeks old.  The sign on her cage said “German Shep/Lab Mix, Female.”  She had recently been spayed, (yes, that young!  The Humane Society won’t let a puppy go without sterilization, regardless of age.).  She was ADORABLE!  So tiny and sweet!  My heart said, “MINE!!!!”

Being this cute is exhausting!

Continue reading

Two months later….

After the last couple of days events, our oncologist wanted to see Rio, so we went to see Dr. Sarah this morning and…  and we are OKAY!  Good vitals, the appetite is back (with a vengeance, I might add) and her energy level is much, much better.  We even played ball out in the yard for a teeny bit today (it was so, so nice and it’s been such a long, cold, grey winter).

And (shout out for the Woo), it’s been two months Continue reading

The numbers are in….

So they’re not great, but they’re not so bad, either.  Rio’s CBC is back and her white blood count is at 2500.  Last time the white cells were at 3700 (when we started chemo, they were at 9700).  So yeah, they’re down some.  Her neutrophils and leukocytes are down, too.  However, the Cerenia seems to be doing the trick, because she DEVOURED her dinner this evening.  Appetite back, whew, mom can breathe again. Even so, the onco dr. was concerned enough that she wants to see Rio tomorrow.  So, bright and early we’ll be loading up for a trip down to Tacoma.

Me, I’m just thankful that the appetite is back (with a vengeance — I nearly lost a finger!) and the tummy has quieted.  The gas mask can go back on the shelf for a little while.  She’s a lot more comfortable, tonight.  Instead of laying on the couch, staring glassy-eyed, belly bloated and churning, she’s snoozing.   And even better for me, no bad smells emanating from the end that’s pointed my way!!!!