Rough day….

Today is our worst day, so far.  Rio has seemed a little “off” the last couple of days — nothing terribly obvious, she just didn’t really seem to have as much energy as normal.   But this morning, it was pretty obvious she wasn’t feeling well.  She barely wanted to eat her breakfast, and that is just NOT like her.

She is SUCH a trooper, and so stoic, and I’m trying not to beat myself up too much for not seeing it for what it was.  With all the butt fog she was sending my way on the couch last night, I should have figured it out — the chemo is making her stomach upset.

We were already scheduled for a CBC today, and so I took the opportunity to talk with Dr. Rachel, our regular vet about how she was doing.  I told her I thought Rio was pretty dehydrated, and that we’d been mixing 1/2 water and 1/2 broth together to encourage her to drink more, but that, to me, she still seemed “a few quarts low.”  When you do the skin pinch test on her back, instead of her skin springing back in to place, it just stays there in wrinkles until you put it back where it goes.  Dr. Rachel agreed that she seemed a little dry (she’s also really dandruff-y), so we gave Rio some subcutaneous fluids.  She looked like the Hunchback of Notre Dame when we left the office, but it had mostly all been absorbed before we got home….

After the blood draw and the fluids, we went to one of my clients’ house to work for a few hours.  The weather was nice, and I laid out a bed for Rio in their driveway while I worked.  Usually she follows me around and sniffs and wanders, but today she just laid on the blanket and watched me.  After about an hour or so, she went to the back of the SUV and “asked” to get in.  She stayed in the back of the truck for the rest of the time I was there.  I left the door open in case she wanted to get out, but she never did.  I sat next to her while I ate my lunch, and usually she is staring, drooling, telepathically demanding her share.  But, she didn’t even pick up her head to watch me eat.   I feel so bad for her, but have gone out of my way to keep my voice cheerful when I speak to her, and I’m trying not to baby her (too much).

When we got home, I broke out the Cerenia.  It had totally slipped my mind until Dr. Rachel mentioned it during our appointment.  We haven’t needed it up until now, and I completely spaced that it was there for times like these.  My bad!  I probably should have given it to her a day or so ago.  I feel really bad that I let her get to the point where she was so uncomfortable.

She’s snoring softly on the couch next to me, and the air is definitely clearer than last night, but her tummy is still making a LOT of scary noises.  We’ll probably want to keep a window open while we sleep!  Hopefully she’ll feel better tomorrow…..

7 thoughts on “Rough day….

  1. Poor Rio, having to be a tummy rumbler. It’s a good thing she has you to take such good care of her! It seems like she knows what she needs–a safe and predictable place to crash and rest up (your SUV), and avoiding smells that might upset her tummy more (avoiding your lunch). Keep us posted on how she does over the next couple of days. Do you have enough Cerenia to give her before her next chemo? We aren’t doing chemo, but I think I’ve read that you can give it before and maybe even avoid the belly business altogether.


    • I have a couple more of the Cerenia. She’s still not feeling great this morning. Didn’t want to even get out of bed for breakfast. But I made her get up and go outside, and then she picked her way through her food. She’s laying on the couch resting now, but not asleep. I’m expecting a call from the oncologist this afternoon, with her CBC results from yesterday. I’ll speak with them about how she’s doing, and if necessary, my regular vet has offered to bring more fluids and meds by the house if we need it. (She is so awesome!!!) Meanwhile, we’ll keep the windows open and the gas masks handy! 🙂

  2. Sorry Rio is having a time. I always do that too… ‘I should have seen it…’. Hopefully the cereina does the trick. Are you keeping a log or journal during treatment? I did with Mag and it helped track her down times- and it was usually after the vinblastine treatments.
    I had to do sub-Q fluids for Maggie every other day for awhile. After the vet tech showed me how to do it the first time I looked at Maggie and said ” just what a three legged dog needs, a hunchback!”.
    Hope Rio feels better today.
    Karen and the pugapalooza

    • A log is a really good idea. I haven’t been keeping one, but after all of this I probably should. I think, until now, I had always assumed the treatment we were in the midst of would be the final one. You know, completely cured, over, done, move on! So I shoved everything I’d learned from the previous go-rounds into the dark, cobwebby recesses of my brain and I’m just now remembering a lot of the details. She did have several bouts of nausea and even some vomiting with the Vinblastine last time. And I totally expected it again this time around. She’d just been doing SO well, I’d stopped paying attention, I guess. Cest la vie! We’re back on track and moving forward again. I can’t wait until the Cerenia starts making her feel better, though.

      We got sub-Q fluids for home use, too, but I’ll be letting my husband handle that! I’m a needle weenie!

  3. That’s OK Ma, don’t beat yourself up. It’s all a learning experience, and you’re doing as well as any human could.

    Feel better Rio, you’ve got lotsa good treats waiting for you. xoxo

  4. sorry to hear Rio is having a ruff time of it!
    Hope she is up and at em feeling better soon!
    Hope you hear good results!

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