Till there was Woo….

It’s APRIL!  Rio’s birth month!!!!  We don’t know what day, but she was about 7 or 8 weeks old when I got her on Father’s Day, 2000.  I still remember that little face.  I tried to walk away.  I actually decided I couldn’t take her (we were selling our house and didn’t have a clue where we would live while we built our new house).  But my friend said, “you can’t leave without saying goodbye to the puppy.”  I convinced myself I was strong enough, but I knew deep down that if I went back to “say goodbye,” I would be taking that tiny girl home.

  • The day I found Woo
  • She was such a little sweetheart!   I named her Rio, but I always called her my Little Widget.  Somehow, that became Widgee-woo.  And now she’s just the Woo, appropriate, because when she gets excited, she woo-woo-woos!   The chin whiskers are whiter, and she’s got three legs instead of four, but she’s still my Baby Woo!

    Tiny Woo

    Woo in the grass

    We are also closing in fast on Rio’s 2 month milestone.  It’s gone by pretty fast and thankfully it’s been mostly uneventful.  The Woo is getting better with her balance and activity level.  The other day, Dad caught her standing on her one back leg trying to grab a chicken carcass off the kitchen counter.  She got hollered at for her efforts, although we were both secretly pretty impressed.  She’s never been a counter-shopper before, and I’m pretty sure the Prednisone and Cushing’s are to blame, but it’s not a habit that I’d like to see her continue.

    Her SwimSpaw sessions have been going well.  She’s increased her swim time each week, and swims like a pro!  In the water, she moves exactly how she always has.  For some reason, I find that comforting.

    I’m thinking about investing in a Float Coat for swimming this summer.  We always go to Point-No-Point beach and Buck Lake to cool down during summer’s dog days.  Rio was a reluctant swimmer when she was small, but has gotten quite comfortable in the water over the years.  It will just make me worry less about her being out in the water if she has the jacket.  Dog knows, I don’t want to have to jump into Puget Sound to save her if she gets tired….  Too flippin’ cold, even in the hottest days of the summer!

    We go for her mid-chemo CBC this Wednesday.  She’s got the attitude and energy, so here’s hoping the numbers match!  Still no nausea and only a teensy more tired than normal.  But that could easily be from all the “shopping.”

    On a more serious note:  we are so sad about this week’s loss of Xanadu — he and Rio had nearly the same surgery date.  And the loss of Chloe, too, although we didn’t really know her story nearly as well.  I feel the gaping wound that these pawrents must feel, and also more than just a wee bit guilty that my girl is going so strong.  But these dogs and their people remind me that I need to celebrate each moment, and not worry so much about what will come next.  It’s gonna happen, worry or no, and I should at least enjoy the time I have with my girl regardless of how much time this is.

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    1. Enjoy the time at hand, indeed. That’s all we can do, so why not make the most of it? Like by swimming and swimming and more swimming! Roo, hoppy ampuversary and lotsa big birthday wishes are coming your way from Tripawd land!

      P.S. Prednisone made me crazy hungry too.

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