Update on treatment

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride the last couple of weeks with Rio’s treatments.  Last week, she had a couple of days where her appetite and energy completely disappeared, to the point where her oncologist asked us to drive down for an unscheduled visit because she was worried about her.  There was even talk about admitting her.  But then she turned a corner and started perking back up.  Her appetite returned with a vengeance and she played outside in the sunshine over the weekend.  Crisis averted!

Wednesday, we went in for the Vinblastine, and now two days later, we’re back to low appetite and lethargy.  She’s also lost about 11 lbs since we started the chemo.  (I started feeding her three meals a day a couple of weeks ago, but the weight keeps dropping.)  Other than the 3 days mentioned previously, her appetite has been really good.  She also has had some vaginal discharge, and so I took her in to the local emergency clinic last night for a sterile urine sample, cuz that’s all we need with her low white cell counts — an infection.

I’m trying to stay positive, and keep moving forward, but it’s tough.  I’m beginning to wonder if we should continue with the chemo or just forgo it in favor of being able to enjoy the time we have remaining with Rio.  We’ve hit some pretty great milestones in the last couple of weeks, too, and I’m desperately trying to stay focused on them instead of the few bad days.  I am just feeling a little “carsick” from the emotional roller coaster….  I’d forgotten how much the chemo sucks!!!!

Can I have some cheese with my whine?  🙂


3 thoughts on “Update on treatment

  1. you know, there’s nothing wrong with saying ‘enough is enough’. you know rio, and you know what’s in your heart. we’re sending our best ET juju, hoping rio gets to feeling more herself and this is just a momentary ‘bump in the road’.

    charon & gayle

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