A rocky start to the weekend

Well, it’s another lovely day in the Puget Sound!  (I say that with all the sarcasm I can muster.  These days that get incrementally darker as the morning wears on really test my resolve to keep a positive attitude!)

Rio’s still feeling sluggish today.  Her stomach continues to growl and grumble despite the Cerenia and metronidazole.  She ate breakfast, but very slowly and didn’t finish (which started a minor incident between the Monkeydogs).  I got her some frozen bison soft dog food, since she doesn’t seem to want to eat her kibble.  She picks the meat out and spits the kibble on the floor.  She’s also spitting out her meds, which hasn’t been an issue before.  So I pushed the meds into the bison blobs, and problem solved!

So I got a call from Rio’s regular vet, and the urine test is in.  She’s definitely got something growing, but it will take a few more days of culturing to figure out exactly what (she thinks probably e. coli, but we’ll wait and see).  In the meantime, we need to get her on antibiotics, and hopefully that will take care of some of her symptoms.  If it is e. coli, that would explain the tummy troubles, too.  I wonder if it was the low temperature cooking of her food (although it seemed thoroughly cooked)…  or maybe eating the compost… or her propensity for eating poo…

Regardless, I’m off to the pharmacy…..

4 thoughts on “A rocky start to the weekend

  1. Oh, I am sorry about the weather, I was so hoping for a non-rainy day today. I think we are suposed to get some sun later, I hope that helps you breathe 🙂
    I haven’t heard of doggie e-coli, I bet that isn’t any fun. Let us know, we are sending good thoughts for Rio and you!
    Elizabeth and Sammy

  2. Ohhhhh Rio! You poor thing. Stop eating the poo! It hurts your belly and makes your breath smell bad, silly thing. Hope you feel better.

    Bison meat….yum! It did it for me too when I didn’t want to eat. Rabbit and duck were also good too.

  3. I’m sorry Rio is still not feeling better… I know an infection is a scary thing for a pup doing chemo. But- hopefully the antibiotics help her feel better.
    I wish I could send you some of our decent CA weather… I am heading to central WA tomorrow for work- maybe our weather will follow me and give you a break!

    Karen and the pugapalooza

    • Thanks Karen. I’m still boggled that her oncologist suggested waiting another full week to even test for the infection. But the antibiotics are kicking in and she seems to be feeling much better already.

      Definitely bring as much sun as you can when you are up our way!

      Micki and Rio

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