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Last Friday, we made an unplanned two-day trek to Westminster, Colorado.  My husband’s grandmother passed away two weeks prior to her 94th birthday.  Since I wasn’t willing to leave Rio, with her crazy med schedule and fancy diet, in the hands of someone else, we decided to drive out there.And since we were taking Rio, the Monkeydogs might as well come, too.  We loaded everybody and their gear into the Expedition and headed east.  The drive is really long.  We ran into some crazy weather in the higher elevations of Montana and, of course, the maelstrom winds of Wyoming, but other than that it was a relatively uneventful trip out there.

It was good to see the family, however the circumstances were less than ideal.  We arrived late afternoon on Saturday, and Sunday was Easter, so that left a lot of details to be attended to on Monday.  The family was “sponsoring” the reception, so we started the morning with a Costco run, then raced home and threw together 13 trays of food and 5 floral arrangements in twenty minutes flat!

Gram’s memorial service was short, simple and very touching.  To me, her passing was yet another example of the mercurial nature of life.  Everyone, anyone can be here one day and gone the next.  To me, Gram’s passing was yet another reminder to enjoy the moment, to live life to the fullest and enjoy the good times.  She was a wonderful woman — very generous and kind, and will be missed very much.  But we all have memories of her that have made us smile through the tears over these past few days.  And that is the most important thing.  This is what we celebrated at her service, this is what will keep us moving forward without her.

Laura M. Towne

April 30, 1917 – April 17, 2011


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  1. So sorry for your loss. Your words here are a beautiful reminder, and memorial.

    We recently drove from southern Arizona to Eureka, CA for a similar reason. Good to see old friends, but not for a loved ones unexpected memorial.

    Gram sounds wonderful indeed. Peace.

  2. I’m so sorry about your husband’s grandmother. I’m delighted he got to have a grandma as an adult. Remembering the things about her that made you smile will help you all in the years to come. I had a grandma with a terrific sense of humor, and 10 years later I remember only the fun stuff.

    I wish I’d known you were coming. I could have met up with you. I’m 45 minutes from Westminster. You aren’t still in the area, are you? If you are, please let me know.


    • Oh, Shari,

      I almost posted something to see if there were any Tripawd folks in the area! We were pretty busy while we were out there, but I’m sure I could have squeezed in a visit between Rio and Dakota!

      We left Colorado yesterday morning pretty early and (finally) arrived home today a little before 3:00 pm.

      Yeah, my husband is so lucky. He had three grandparents still alive when we met. I never knew two of my grandparents — they died long before I was born. The other two lived a long ways away, and also passed away when I was still pretty young, so I never really knew them. Consequently, I loved spending time with my husband’s grandparents. The history… the stories… it was amazing to listen to them talk about when they were younger. They’d seen so much change — from horse and buggy to freeways and internet — and I really enjoyed hearing their perspective.

      Gram had 14 grandchildren, 14 great grandchildren and 5 great, great grandchildren!!! She lived a full and happy life, and kicked cancer to the curb twice (she survived breast cancer for over 20 years, and colon cancer for nearly two) — she was a tough old lady and my Rio takes after her great Gram.

      Wish we could’ve met you! Maybe next time we’re out that way!

      Micki and Rio and the gang

  3. Very nice tribute…..
    What do you mean “malestrom winds” the weather man calls that “breezy”…lol
    Glad you made it safely. I25 Cheyenne thru Wheatland can be dangerous with the wind!

    • The wind was so strong when we stopped at Little America, that it blew Rio completely off her feet! And my husband was getting hand cramps trying to keep the car in one lane! That’s crazy wind!

  4. Hey Rio, I”m sorry about your Granny, that’s so sad. But wow, 94? That’s 658 dog years! Pretty darn neat to have lived such a long and beautiful life.

    Next time you come through Coloradah you better look me up OK?

  5. We will, Wyatt! Fort Collins, right? My mom wants to take a trip to see the grand canyon and some other places this fall when I’m done with my chemo and her job slows down for the season. Maybe we’ll be back out that way then.


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