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So my mom is babysitting this weekend. More quadpawds!!! Fortunately, these ones are pretty small. (I think Tosca poops bigger than these two.) They are pampered city girls, and mom made them stay outside yesterday while we were working in the yard. It was pretty pathetic! They kept running to the porch every time someone went near it, because they thought they were going to get to go back inside. And then when they figured out that they were outside for good, they discovered that the inside of the greenhouse was warm and dry. So that’s where they spent most of the afternoon until dad said they could go back inside.

I would post a picture of the city slickers hiding from the tiny sprinkle of rain, but Mom’s computer is “on the fritz,” whatever that means. All I know is that it’s much harder to type on an iPhone than a computer keyboard. Tiny buttons are hard to touch with paws.

Maybe when the computer comes home from the VET, I will post the picture so that you can laugh at the Monkeybutts.


Oh yeah! One more thing! Mom wanted me to tell you all that my white blood count was at 8000!!!!!! That’s the highest it’s been since before I started taking chemo. So YAY, and a round of liver and peanut butter treats for tripods everywhere!

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8 thoughts on “Monkeybutt Central

  1. More Monkeybutts!!!! I want pictures!! Monkeydogs Rule !! Monkeydogs are smart enough to come in out of the rain…unlike silly tripawds!

    • Samson,
      You can’t call what they were hiding from “rain.” it was more like standing next to someone who was sneezing. Granted that’s not something I like to be sprayed with but its not really rain either. Those city dogs are wussies!


    • We love our pampered city girls, Rayna and Yoshi. When they come to the country, it’s always a little bit of a shock to their genteel lifestyle. We get dirty here sometimes. It happens. But we also have pictures of those two letting their hair down and playing in the mud with their country cousins. Their momma was stunned when she saw them!


  2. 8000 white blood cells is AWESOME! I can just picture them now celebrating along with us. Congrats Rio! It’s good to hear you sounding so hoppy. Now we are too.

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