The numbers are in….

So they’re not great, but they’re not so bad, either.  Rio’s CBC is back and her white blood count is at 2500.  Last time the white cells were at 3700 (when we started chemo, they were at 9700).  So yeah, they’re down some.  Her neutrophils and leukocytes are down, too.  However, the Cerenia seems to be doing the trick, because she DEVOURED her dinner this evening.  Appetite back, whew, mom can breathe again. Even so, the onco dr. was concerned enough that she wants to see Rio tomorrow.  So, bright and early we’ll be loading up for a trip down to Tacoma.

Me, I’m just thankful that the appetite is back (with a vengeance — I nearly lost a finger!) and the tummy has quieted.  The gas mask can go back on the shelf for a little while.  She’s a lot more comfortable, tonight.  Instead of laying on the couch, staring glassy-eyed, belly bloated and churning, she’s snoozing.   And even better for me, no bad smells emanating from the end that’s pointed my way!!!!

8 thoughts on “The numbers are in….

  1. great news – we were fortunate with the cerenia too!! happy bellies make for sweet dreams!! keep up the medicinal naps and paws crossed that the numbers stay up!!

    charon & gayle

  2. Glad she is feeling better!! Hope the vet visit goes OK.
    Why is it that when the tummy is rumbling you get the butt end pointed toward you?? That’s the pug in her.

    Karen and the pugapalooza

  3. I’m glad you can put away the gas mask. I sometimes use a cork. A big one.

    Keep your fingers out of the way and good luck with the visit. Let us know how that turns out. She has proven so many times before what a tough chick she is, so I have no doubt that she will demonstrate her toughness again.


    • You’re right. She is a tough ol’ broad!!! She’s doin’ so much better today. Even up for a toss of the ball (very short tosses — don’t want to push her too hard after such a tough couple of days).

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