Mexican hairless…..

Wow, May has gone by so fast….!  It’s nearly June and my computer has finally been returned to me.  It’s taken a couple of days to get everything reloaded and updated, so that it’s finally back to normal.  You don’t really think about how much of your life is on your computer until it’s gone.  Fortunately we have Time Machine and it had done a complete system back up just prior to having it’s meltdown! Otherwise, I’d be LOST!!! Continue reading

Monkeybutt Central

So my mom is babysitting this weekend. More quadpawds!!! Fortunately, these ones are pretty small. (I think Tosca poops bigger than these two.) They are pampered city girls, and mom made them stay outside yesterday while we were working in the yard. It was pretty pathetic! They kept running to the porch every time someone went near it, because they thought they were going to get to go back inside. And then when they figured out that they were outside for good, they discovered that the inside of the greenhouse was warm and dry. So that’s where they spent most of the afternoon until dad said they could go back inside. Continue reading

Feeling much better!

Well, the rain is gone and we might even get some sun today.  And happiness of all happinesses, Rio is feeling much better!  The antibiotics have kicked in, the appetite is better, and mom is breathing another sigh of relief!!!!

And perfect timing, too, a special package arrived last night!  What could it be??  Nope, not that silly purple dinosaurus, Barney.

I look good in red!!! Thanks Granny Kay!

Its our special birthday present!  Thank you sooooooo much, Granny Kay!!!!  Your timing couldn’t have been any better!

Check it out!!!!

This is sooooo comfy!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new blankie!

Hippo birdy to Woo!

Someday, this week, my Rio was born!  Happy, happy day, whichever one it was!!!  I met Rio on Father’s Day 2000, and “they” said she was about 8 weeks old.  The sign on her cage said “German Shep/Lab Mix, Female.”  She had recently been spayed, (yes, that young!  The Humane Society won’t let a puppy go without sterilization, regardless of age.).  She was ADORABLE!  So tiny and sweet!  My heart said, “MINE!!!!”

Being this cute is exhausting!

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