Rio’s Soup for Dogs Recipe

Okay, all, as promised, here’s my recipe for Rio’s Soup for Dogs.  I should mention up front that this soup is different every time I make it.  This is simply how I made it this time ’round.


1 whole organic chicken (I use whatever meat is least expensive — beef, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey, etc.)

3 lbs. chicken trimmings (my butcher’s dept does chicken trimmings and fat for broth)

A few beef marrow bones and bison rib bones

Place in a large pot, and cover with water or broth.  (The one I use is 24 qts).  Allow to simmer until chicken falls from bones.  Allow to cool, then remove meat, skin, etc. from bones and set aside.

Remove meat from bones and set aside

1 lb. liver or other organ meat (This can either be cooked in the pot with the chicken or in a separate pan with coconut oil for a little more flavor.  Be forewarned, if you use kidneys, your entire house will stink!)

Liver cooked in a little bit of coconut oil

To the broth, add any veggies, coarsely chopped — this time, I had available:

1 red and 1 yellow pepper

2 cups of white cabbage

2 cups broccoli

1 medium zucchini

1 cup snap peas

2 cups green beans

1 15 oz can diced tomatoes, low sodium (I also had a couple of fresh tomatoes and several tomatillos from my garden, so I threw them in, too)

1 cup chopped kale or spinach

Chop veggies coarsely

Allow veggies to cook in broth until slightly softened, then puree the mix with a hand blender.  Once the vegetables have been finely chopped, add the meat back to the broth and bring back to a simmer.  At this point, you can also add in  2 cans sardines or mackerel (in water, no salt added) mushed up a bit.

Simmer veggies until slightly soft

Puree veggies into broth

I ran this by my Quality Control Department……

Rio says, “Three enthusiastic paws up!”

Zephyr concurs

Tosca also gives it her seal of approval

9 thoughts on “Rio’s Soup for Dogs Recipe

  1. Thank you for sharing this recipe!
    I’ll be rounding up the ingredients to make it for my boys.
    You have some beautiful girls there!


  2. Would you mind if I linked this to the EPI forum I frequent? The people there are always looking for good grain free recipes and I’ll bet they’d love this!

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