Supermodel Rio

I had to work today, but while I was gone, Dad and Woo did a little photoshoot so that all our Tripawds friends could see our new collar and how stylin’ she looks in it.

Enjoying the sunshine

Serious Woo

You talkin' to me?

Gladys is keeping an eye on the neighbors

My pretty girl!

Sporting the new bling.

Rio’s not much for action shots, but she does good profile!  (The collar is from Chief Furry Officer.)




16 thoughts on “Supermodel Rio

  1. Styling indeed!! But it looks like she is just barely tolerating the photo shoot… dang paparazzi is everywhere!!! It is so hard to be a star 🙂

    Karen and the pugapalooza

  2. No pictures of T and Z? I suppose poor Tosca and Zephyr get old hand me downs collars? Hmmmmm….poor monkeybutts left out again.

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