Hoppy birthday to Woo!

We don’t know which day it was, but sometime, some sweet day in this little window of time twelve years ago, my Rio was born.  She was a small miracle, although the family into which she was born didn’t see her in that light.  And I had no idea, on that day, just how much my life would change in just 7 or 8 short weeks.

The day I found Woo

And although she’s not here to celebrate her birthday, the resilience and stoicism that she faced her cancer with have remained.  She taught me about strength, about continually moving forward, about taking the cards that I’m dealt and making the most of them.  She taught me about unconditional devotion, love and loyalty, and how even when dealing with a sh!tty situation like cancer, there can be good that comes from it.  And the good stuff remains, long after the storm is over.

So, wherever you are today, take a moment and remember Rio.  I know I will, but then I do that every day….

Hoppy Birthday, my Rio

17 thoughts on “Hoppy birthday to Woo!

  1. Happy Birthday Rio!! Maggie’s b-day was in March- she would have been 13. Hopefully Mag and Woo are puggin’ around and partying it up! Well, probably napping in the sun- but still!
    Those lessons are so valuable! I use the gifts Maggie left me almost every day.


  2. Happy birthday, Woo! I hope you are having an awesome party with all the treats you want!

    It is nice that there is some good that comes from the mostly-crappy cancer journey, like good lessons and good friends.

  3. Happy Birthday Woo….hope you’re having the most amazing birthday celebration with all your friends! xoxo Sue

  4. Happy Birthday beautiful Woo 🙂 We celebrate your life and your spirit, so very bright.

    Sammy’s birthday was this month too. Yet another thing they have in common.
    Many hugs, I know how hard yet full of love these moments can be.


  5. happy birthday angel woo – make sure you get second helping of cake and keep the other angel tripawds partying all night long!!!

    charon & spirit gayle

  6. Happy Hippy Hoppy Birthday Rio Woo, venerable angel member of the Tripawd Girldogs With 2 Names ROCK Club! We just know you are tearing it up over the rainbow! Thinking of you tonight!
    the OP +1

  7. Sorry I am late Angel Woo…hope your Rainbow Birthday was cool. Say hi to Jake and Vita for me!!

    Me and my Mom think of you often!


  8. Don’t know how I missed this yesterday! Happy (late) Birthday Rio! I can imagine all the bling on your party dress accenting that beautiful face and perfect ears (I know that makes me sound nutty, but you have the most awesome doggy ears EVER!).

    And momma, yes, we still think of her often. I promise…


  9. Happy belated birthday to Rio! I just watched her slide show through tears. What a great life she lived and how courageous she was in her fight with this nasty disease. Thinking of you both.

    Kathy & Tasha

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