Mystery solved, plus a Woo status check

Yesterday, we found out what was causing Zephyr’s (and to some degree, Tosca’s) incessant chewing and scratching…  Yeah, my favorite:  fleas.  So, I dropped everything and bathed three dogs, washed several loads of bedding (both doggie and people) and vacuumed the entire house.  The ironic part of the story is that I didn’t find a single flea on either Tosca or Zephyr, even though I looked and looked, both before, during and after their baths.  When they both started scratching and chewing on themselves after we got home from Oregon, that was the first thing I did — look for fleas.  Nothing.  Absolutely not a single flea, no flea dirt, no sign, no nothing.  Instead, I was sitting next to my sweet Rio on the couch and all of a sudden one crawled out of her fur at her amp incision scar and onto her naked belly, just as brazen as could be, followed by a complete mom freak-out. (About the only thing in the insect world that grosses me out more than fleas are ticks.  Ugghh!!!)  I don’t want to give Rio any unnecessary meds right now, so I will be rubbing her down daily with a few drops of eucalyptus oil in hopes that it will discourage any more nibbling by the stinking fleas.  I did, however, douse the Monkey-doofuses post-bath with flea-killing chemicals (of which I am not proud)….

Speaking of the Woo, her fan club has been clamoring for an update on how she’s doing.  Let’s just say, she’s battle-scarred and tired, but still fighting.  I would love it if she makes it to her 1-year milestone (and then some), but I am fully aware that it might not happen.  The swelling in her belly has gotten worse, and has moved down into the knee and ankle of her remaining back leg.  Her mobility hasn’t been that great lately, either.  She’s unsteady and frequently loses her balance and has to catch herself.  I’m not sure if it’s due to the swelling in the leg, or if her floppy belly-skin is making her lose her balance.  Regardless, she still has flashes of a younger, healthier Woo — especially with the snow of the last couple of days.  She’s always loved snow, and my heart is happy to see her boing-boinging around in it.  She got all silly after her bath yesterday, too, racing down the hall, tossing her head and snorting, grabbing her toys and flipping them into the air.  And when I was giving Tosca a much-needed brushing, Rio was being “the Sheriff.”  (She always polices certain activities such as brushing and toenail clipping, in case I need some protection.)

So, here’s hoping for a hoppy 1-year, but if we don’t make it that far, we’re gonna go out fighting…..

Tripawd Warrior Pink Sky

Snow Babies


7 thoughts on “Mystery solved, plus a Woo status check

  1. I am always amused reading about dogs that love the snow. Zeus and his brother, Spirit Merlin, loved it when we were in NC and would get just a dusting, but when we moved to PA and they discovered “real” snow they hated it. FYI, every time I see your pics of Rio, I smile. She is absolutely beautiful!

  2. hang in there woo!!! we hate floppy belly skin too!! hope you have the ‘itchies’ taken care of, and won’t have to worry with those little critters again..

    charon & spirit gayle

  3. Keep fightin’ Rio! My mom doesn’t use chemicals on us either here in our house. We had a bout of fleas last fall…do you hate baths as much as I do? It’s TOUGH on me being 3 legged..
    Have fun in the snow! I love it too 🙂


  4. Woo – you are so amazing. You are such an inspiring TWP. *And* Sheriff to boot! Hope your cape includes a badge!

    Keep making Mama smile.
    Jackie, Angel Abby’s mom

  5. (am i the only one that can’t see the pics? Thought it was something w/ my iPad, but can’t see them on my PC either. Maybe it’s the server migration? Or maybe it’s just me…)

  6. I can’t see the pics either- but it could be because I’m at school (and usually Tripawds is blocked at school, but my students showed me a way around some of the “blocks”- hee hee). Woo, you are so amazing! We hate the fleas too! Keep fighting the good fight!

    Hugs to you!

    Jenna & Spirit Chili Dawg

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