Feeeeeed meeeeeeee!!!

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I mentioned in my last post, that we’d started feeding Rio 4 times a day as a means to compensate for slower processing in the ol’ puppy pooper.  Between that and the (almost) cup of pumpkin a day, it seems to be helping — we’ve not had any more vomiting for several weeks, and she’s struggling less when she goes #2!  That’s the good news…  The bad news is….   I have created a monster.  She’s decided that 4 meals a days isn’t nearly enough, and is lobbying hard for additional portions.   She is eating us out of house and home.  She doesn’t seem to be gaining any weight with all the additional meals which is a little troublesome, and I can definitely feel the “bad guy” in the V between her stomach and her hip, but looking at this from a purely “happy in the moment” point of view (which, I’ll admit is pretty rare), she is doing really good.  Maybe even great.  She’s been funny and playful and spirited, and yes, demanding, these last couple of weeks.   And so, I say, if the appetite is good, and she wants to eat, I will feed her.  I love this monster!!!

Keep it down. Can't you people see I'm trying to sleep.


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6 thoughts on “Feeeeeed meeeeeeee!!!

  1. medicinal napping…woo, you are our hero!! we think maybe you’re just growing a little pumpkin inside from all of that ‘punkin’ you’ve been eating??? keep enjoying each and every moment, naps included!!! (ooh, and little snack right now does sound good…….)

    charon & gayle

  2. Yea for Rio!! Of course she wants to eat- she is just a big ol’ pug!
    I did try pumpkin with Maggie once- she looked at me like I put dirt in her bowl!
    And now Charon has me thinking of a snack….

    Karen and the pugapalooza

  3. Oh Rio – I know how you feel. I’m hungry all the time too! (Luckily I have opposable thumbs and the ability to open the fridge on my own. You need to work on your fridge-opening skills!)
    Jackie, Abby’s mom

  4. glad to hear the pumpkins got everything running smoothly. Maybe you can find a decent low cal treat for her in between meals.

  5. Feed the monster! Give her everything and anything, she deserves it!

    But Rio, remember, a girl’s gotta watch her figure! Try those green bean treats, they really do make us feel full.


  6. Well fortunately, even with the additional food, snacks, etc., she hasn’t gained an ounce (kinda the opposite, actually) — wish I could say the same about me!!! 🙂

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