I’m thankful…

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A couple of weeks ago, I was wondering if Rio would make it to Thanksgiving.  She was doing poorly, and I was freaking out.

She threw up nearly every day for almost a week and a half.  Some days more than once.  We made some adjustments to her care — it’s obvious that the tumor in her lymph node has grown larger and is putting pressure on her colon.  So, we went to a four-times-per-day feeding schedule to slow down her intake.  A little less food to digest at any given time…  I also have taken her completely off dry food — she is only getting my special “soup,” fresh, cooked meat, pumpkin, and “wet” food (Wysong makes one that only has meat, liver and water) and Honest Kitchen.  We also are giving her Pepcid morning and night instead of just once a day.  And I took her off the Meloxicam, because that can cause stomach upset.

With all of these changes, we’re not exactly sure which did the trick, only that it worked.  Because now, she’s back to her normal self.  Her appetite is insane (you’d think I never feed this dog…  EVER!).  She opened a can of whuppass on Tosca yesterday, because T thought she’d help Rio with her lunch.  Today, she played chase with her friend Rayna around the house for a bit after dinner.

And for this, I’m thankful.  Whatever comes tomorrow, at least I had today, and it was good.

Happy Turkey Day!!!

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18 thoughts on “I’m thankful…

  1. Fabulous Rio!!! That is a wonderful post to be thankful for!
    Sounds like your Mom is feeding you all the good stuff 🙂
    Huggs & wags
    Joanne & Lylee
    TGP furever!!

  2. Rio, your plan of acting sick to get even better food worked just like I told you it would. Don’t tell the monkeybutts that we worked covertly on this mission….we’ll just keep it between us..
    Glad you are feeling better.
    Your friend,
    Monkeybutt Mack

  3. Been waiting for an update…do tell Rio we were worried and SO glad she is doing better! What a great pawrent you are….home cooked meals! I would tell you to spoil the Woo but you got it covered!

  4. I agree with etgayle, you are doing amazing Micki! Little Woo is really blessed to have you on her team, great job Woo! Keep on kicking a$$ 🙂

    Elizabeth and Sammy

  5. Hooray for the Woo! So glad you had a good Thanksgiving with her. You are a good doggy mama and she is a brave Tripawd Warrior Princess!! She is definitely one of our idols!!

    Hugs from me and kisses from Abby!

  6. So glad to hear she’s doing great with the changes you’ve made in her diet / meds. I admire you’re dedication. She’s lucky to have you on her side, that’s for sure!

  7. Yes – every day is a day of Thanksgiving (perfectly said Charon!) I am so happy to hear Rio is doing so much better. Cherish every moment of her love and keep doing what you are doing – because it sure works!!

    Love & hugs from Spirit Indiana and his mom ~ Carol~~

  8. WOODOO,
    I didn’t read your post cause it sounded like it was going to be mushy. But I just wanted to say….leave Tosca alone!


  9. Fantastic news you guys. Rio – Way to keep them on their toes and nice work on getting them to feed you just what you want. Well played!

    Rhonda and Lincoln

  10. Way to go Woo! So happy (and relieved) to hear all is well – you’ve been on our minds so glad all the good thoughts from the east coast are helping! Xoxo Sue

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