Wheels don’t fail me…

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We took our first real road test with the girls this evening.  Rio was in her “Ride” and although mom threatened to harness the Monkey twins and use them to pull Cinderella’s coach, she didn’t.  It was just a walk.  The Woo did really well, wasn’t too nervous, (specially cuz momma gives her yummy treats every time we get into the Ride).  She popped her head through the sunroof a few times, and we got lots of (what I’m sure were) admiring glances from cars going by.

We got home from our little jaunt, and at the top of the driveway, I let Rio out to walk the remainder of the distance to the house.  Zephyr took that opportunity to hijack Rio’s Ride.  She jumped in and immediately curled up.  She happily rode down the driveway in luxury.  Trouble is, she’s a Monkeydog, and as such, is just a little clueless.  Dippy Zippy’s tail was hanging out the back of the Ride the whole way down the driveway, and she was thump, thump, thumping her tail in the gravel the whole time we were rolling down the driveway.  She’s a special girl!!!!  I wish I had video….


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5 thoughts on “Wheels don’t fail me…

  1. watch out…you guys could be getting ‘white line fever’ with the road trips! good to hear the coach is working out…we’d love to see a video too, too cute those monkeydogs…

    charon & gayle

  2. Too funny about Zeph. That is a funny image with her tail hanging out the back. Abby says harnessing up the monkeybutts is a great idea!

    I imagine those were looks of jealousy from the drivers going by, which must mean you painted the flames on the side!

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