Rio’s Got a Brand-New Ride

So I wanted to surprise Rio with some new wheels, and SURPRISE!!!…  they arrived while we were at the vet!  We’re doing short stints to get her used to her new wheels, and lots and lots of cookies and praise, and already she’s starting to relax a bit.  Of course, Monkeybrains Zephyr was ever so helpful while I was assembling it.  She does love a good crate.  She crawled in and curled up and I couldn’t get her out to put the tires on!  Thanks Zeff!

Anyhoooo!  Here’s the pics of Rio in her new ride — she does look good in red!

10 thoughts on “Rio’s Got a Brand-New Ride

  1. Rio, you are one lucky girl! That is awesome to have your own chariot, complete with personal assistant… Maybe Charon and Gayle are right, here is to the newest Kardashian sista’ 🙂

    Sammy and Elizabeth

  2. I say put the monkeybutts to work. Harness ’em up and have them pull the sucker! Rio, do you deserve any less? They could wear those circus hats with the big ostrich feathers and some bells and sh… I mean stuff. That’d be awesome!

    Love, Dakota

  3. Nice ride Rio!!! My Mom bought me one too last summer…but I barely fit in it!?!?! And it’s as big as they come. Besides, I’ve told Mom I don’t need a ride just yet…but little, sister Haley, did use it last summer as she had a bum shoulder and couldn’t walk on her own FOUR legs! LOL 🙂 Have FUN with your new ride…it IS very cool that they do become an automatic PEZ dispenser for treats huh? 🙂 My Mom did that too with me.


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