Well, they’re not pennies, but….

I went to “Rio’s beach” this afternoon on my way home from a job.  It was the beach where we had her photoshoot at the beginning of December, and it was the beach where we would occasionally sneak off to for a little “Rio and me” time.  We’d sit in the sand and watch the birds and sniff the air.  Today was my first visit to the beach without Rio, and naturally I was feeling a little sad and I was really missing her, so I asked her to send me a sign.  I told her I needed to see her and I needed her to show me she was still here.

The tide was going out and the beach stretched out further into the water than normal.  I kept walking out towards the water, and everything on the beach was the usual beach stuff. Clam shells, oyster shells, seagulls, driftwood, ravens, seaweed…  Nothing out of the ordinary at all.  I told her I needed to see something that wasn’t supposed to be there, something completely out of the ordinary.  I got to the water’s edge and stood there, the seagulls and ravens arguing over the surf, and still everything was completely normal….  I was starting to get sad because the “sign” wasn’t materializing and I realized I was probably just being silly, so I decided it was probably time to go home.  I turned back towards my car — and instead of shells, there, in the sand were …..  golf balls….  not one, not two, more than a dozen of them, more than would fit into two of my jacket pockets…  I just started laughing.  My Rio always did have a crazy sense of humor….

A footnote:  I counted the golf balls when I got them home — 20 white ones and 1 yellow…  I wonder what she means by that!!!

Hahaha! Gotcha, Mom!

11 thoughts on “Well, they’re not pennies, but….

  1. Looks like she is laughing at you in her photo!
    Maybe something about one odd ball? jk
    Glad it was a good day for you! Missing them is tough!

  2. This warms my heart. She always did do everything in an amazing way like fighting off two types of cancer to way past they normal time, and her Cushings disease. Go big, huh? I am glad you were able to visit your place and got to smile.

    I like what anjl says about the “odd ball”. She was definately a special girl among many 🙂


  3. We are so glad Rio sent you a sign that she is alright in doggie heaven. And that she sent you so many!!
    Hope you smile more and have less tears when you think about your special TWP.

  4. Rio – that was a perfect gift to you Mom. A TWP message in there somewhere. Maybe the next visit to the beach will clarify 🙂
    Huggs and wags
    Lylee & Joanne

  5. Aww … I hope your visit made you feel a little less sad.
    I see on this photo that Rio had some brindle markings?
    Ajax is brindle too, and he says that if you need to virtually adopt another tripawd for a little while, he volunteers.

  6. I still go to the beach and look for golf balls. And when I don’t find them, my heart still breaks. One of these day, I will get over the loss of my Rio, but not today.

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