My Special Day!

Hi everypawdy,

My momma usually writes my blog posts, but today I asked if I could say something.  Today is my ampuversary!  I’m on number ELEVEN!!!  And because I’m super special (everypawdy says so), my momma got me something super special.  She knows how much I’ve been wanting to try one of my friend Abby’s Flying Dutchmans, but it’s a really long buh-bye in the car, and so I only get to drool whenever Abby talks about them.  But today, everything changes!!!!!  Check it out!

Rio's very own "Flying Dutchman"

Isn’t that awesome???!!!!  The only thing wrong with it is that momma said it was too big for me to eat by myself, and she made me share with the dorkus twins.  Oh well.  It was still sooooo goooooood!

Yummmmmmmm! Burger and benedryl.

We wanna share!!!

Snarfing the last bite! (Note all the drool in Zeffy's cone of shame.)

And yes, Monkey Patrol, that is Zephyr wearing the cone of shame!!!  Hahahahahahaha!  Look!!!!!  Here’s another picture!  What a doof!  It makes her shiny friend when the sun shines on it, and she keeps running into everything chasing her shiny friend.


Itchy Joe (aka Zephyr and the Cone of Shame)

9 thoughts on “My Special Day!

  1. Oh, I never thought of having a benadryl with my flying dutchman. Looks like you enjoyed it. Maybe i’ll have to try it that way. 🙂

    Kisses girlfriend – you totally deserved that!

    [Zeffy is the only dog I have ever seen look HAPPY in the cone of shame! Give that girl some kisses from me. She cracks me up. Jackie]

  2. Ummm, drool……that looks good! We dont have those around us either so have an extra one for us next time you go. And only a monkeybutt can make a cone of shame look like a fashion accessory!

  3. OOOOOOoooo WOO! Such a lovey face eating that burger. YUM! Hahha!…the dorkus twins. Well I guess ya have to have dorks in your life someplace.
    So glad your Momma loves you soooo much!

  4. Dang! That thing looks dangerous! (The Dutchman, not the cone…the cone, as we all know, is simply annoying. Poor Zeph.)

  5. PS (from mom): It’s not an actual brand-name Flying Dutchman, but I got the local burger joint to make this up special for Rio — and they didn’t even charge us! Gotta love this small town!

  6. Sweet Rio, happy amupversary to you! It’s not the small town effect that got you a free, custom-made Dutchman. It’s the Woo effect. Everybody loves you, so you get what you want. As it should be.


  7. Happy Ampuversary Rio. I’m glad to see you celebrated number 11 in grand fashion. Tell your mom we expect to see some party hats for the big one year.

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