A candle in the darkness

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This year, of all my years, has been the most challenging and the most painful, but also the most revelatory. I’ve discovered a strength I didn’t realize I possessed, an ability to look for the ray of light in a dark place that I’ve never known before. I’ve developed a caring bond with complete strangers and found solace in trying to comfort others who are confronted with life altering diagnoses.

None of this would have been possible with this community. The diagnosis alone would have crippled me, I fear. You’ve given me a shoulder to lean on, to cry on, and an audience when I need to unload. You’ve been answers when I have questions, you’ve made me smile when my heart was breaking. You’ve been friendship when I was lonely, and kind words when I’ve been hurting.

For all this (and much, much more) I am eternally grateful.

Merry Christmas, my friends!

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9 thoughts on “A candle in the darkness

  1. We don’t give ourselves enough credit sometimes for our own resilience and strength. A great deal of my own experiences through Caties cancer journey was, like yours, self revelatory and forever life changing.

    What a powerful community of beautiful people this is.

    Beautiful touching post.


  2. I agree with Carmen. I learned a lot about myself with Chili Dawg’s journey, and I was very grateful for all of the wonderful people I met along the way, especially you and the Woo.

    What a wonderful post.

    Merry Christmas, Micki!

    Jenna, Finchy, & Spirit Chili Dawg

  3. we agree, 2011 has been a year of unbelievable challenges and immeasurable sorrow. micki, you have been such a support to us and others – never doubt the power you possess for hope and compassion. give the woo, tosca and zephyr big ‘spirit gayle’ hugs from their ET friends. our best to you guys.

    charon & spirit gayle

  4. There are lessons to be learned from all life experiences- sometimes you have to look really hard, and sometimes they just whack you on the head! I think in the cancer journey with our pups there is some of each.
    You have given to this community at least as much as you have received. We learn lessons from our pups and find strength in each other.
    Merry Christmas Micki, Woo-pug and the rest of the pack.
    Karen and the pugapalooza

  5. What a lovely post. Very well said. This is a great community of folks and I’d probably be in a padded cell now if it weren’t for you all helping me get through this crazy time with support, answers and laughs.

    Thank YOU for all your support Micki. Merry Christmas to you and Bryan and Tosca and Zeffy and especially The Woo!
    Hugs and Abby kisses,
    Jackie, Mike and Abby

  6. You’re stronger than you think Micki. And it is we who are fortunate to have you here with us. Seems like most folks who join Tripawds learn some things about themselves, which in turn helps make this world a better place. Who knew?!

    Thank you for all you do, and hoppy howlidays!

  7. Happy New Year Micki! You have always been a source of strength for us and always there for a good laugh when needed! Thank you! Xoxo Sue

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