It’s all Black and White

Today, me and Rio’s dad went to Vashon Island to Misty Isle Farms (cool name, right?) to watch sheep dog trials.  We thought it would be interesting to go and watch.  Plus we have friends who live over there, and it was a fine excuse for a visit.   The dogs reminded me of Maggie, the agile Cowdog or all the dogs from the movie Babe!

7 thoughts on “It’s all Black and White

  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!! So cool Rio!!! My Mom thinks I have Border Collie in me…I like to do that stare/stalking thing to crows and ravens 🙂

    Maggie, AgileCowDog

  2. hey I didn’t know we were neighbors, relatively speaking. I’m in Kirkland. Kess used to do herding and I know a few folks who still trial. I almost went out to vashon to photograph the event. I could watch working BC’s all day long but as far as dog sports go it doesn’t get any more exspensive. Not to practical for the urban collie ;P

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