I think it’s working!

It’s been a busy spring.  Time is flying, and it’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly four months since Rio’s surgery.

She’s been so funny the last few days.  She seems like she’s feeling better, and I’m thinking, just maybe, the Trilostane must be kicking in.  We had a second ACTH stimulation test last week and her numbers went from 8 down to 3.5.  Her doc wanted her numbers between 2 and 5, so she was very happy with this result.  Don’t ask me what it means, but it sounded good, like things are finally moving in the right direction!  She’s even getting new whiskers on her back!  I am feeling somewhat hopeful.  Fingers crossed!!!!

We head off to Oregon (another road trip) today.  The nephew is graduating from high school!!!  We are only taking Rio this trip (and I’m feeling incredibly guilty about it) — but we will be staying at the in-law’s house, and their dog gets a little crazy when the girls roll in to town, ande starts peeing everywhere in the house.  I guess maybe he feels threatened — lotsa big doggies invading his space.  It’s totally understandable to me.  Between the Moose, the Thunderbutt and the Woo, they are a whole lotta doggie!!!  They will be in good hands, but I still feel like a bad mommy for leaving them.

I’m hoping things will slow down a bit this month so that I have a moment to breathe…..


5 thoughts on “I think it’s working!

  1. No wonder Tosca has such a forlorn look- left behind again. (guilt-guilt-guilt) Pawrents ALWAYS spoil those tripawds! Monkeydogs unite!!! Maybe we should have a Monkeydog pawrty in your house while you are gone! Woohoo!

    • My momma says thanks for the e-ticket ride on the guilt trip express, Samson.

      Don’t think I don’t know how much monkeybutt shenanigans are going on at my house when I’m not there. Those two get in all sorts of trouble without me there to referee.


  2. Yea for Rio headed in the right direction…. but I promise not to say it out loud- I will not be responsible for a jinx! Seems like disaster strikes each time I say out loud “gee, we haven’t been to any of our vets in awhile…”.
    I hope she continues to do well, she (and you) are definitely due.
    Safe travels.

    Karen and the pugapalooza

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