One week and counting…

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It’s a week ago today that Rio had her surgery.  She’s making excellent progress, and is adjusting very quickly to being a tripawd.  Most of the bruising around the surgical area is gone or has turned a hazy yellow-brown color.  She does still have some purple spots on her chest and belly, but they too are fading and are nowhere near as angry-looking as the first few days.  Yesterday, she managed to sneak off into the other room and licked a spot raw along her staples.  She’s got these weird little blister-like areas along the sutures, and I think one of them must have ruptured.  She had some rejection issues with the material they used to stitch up the inside layers of muscle and such with her last surgery, too, so I’m thinking that’s probably what’s behind the problem.

All in all, I must say I’m feeling pretty fortunate this week.  Rio’s doing fabulous, and we expect that will continue, but also, two of our closest friends have had to euthanize their pets this week for different reasons.  That definitely has put things into perspective for me.  Not that I’ve completely put the “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” feeling of the whole decision-making process completely behind me, but I’m definitely more aware of how things could have been so much worse, and I’m just grateful that they weren’t.  I can still grieve for her loss, while managing to accommodate the more positive feelings as well, I guess.

On a completely separate note, Rio’s brand new Web Master harness came today.  I got her the red one, and she is looking pretty sporty in it!  It definitely is going to make helping her out a little easier on both of us.

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2 thoughts on “One week and counting…

    • I got her the medium sized harness, and it doesn’t touch the area where the staples are. It is actually working better than the towel sling was because of this — the towel kept sliding down around her hips and against her incision.

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